Cheating through ‘collusion’ in online poker

Cheating has always been a part of poker. Though it is a bit technically difficult to cheat in online poker than in a live casino, the conniving players have devised ways of doing it. A common technique is that of ‘collusion’. In it, two or more players at the same poker table act together by sharing information with the intention of defrauding one or more of the other players. These two friends share their hole cards’ identities with each other. They may use the instant messaging service, internet chat or the telephone for the purpose. After this, they influence the game and call or raise the bets to suit both their hands. They have an understanding about sharing the pot if one of them manages to win. Another intricate collusion strategy is ‘squeeze play’, where the two colluding players entrap a player placed between them. Then, they raise and re-raise one another and force the player in the center to keep calling. Usually, one of the colluding players has a good hand and the other may have anything. Ultimately, the colluder with the weaker hand folds without having to show his hand. A variation of squeeze play can be that both colluders have ordinary hands, but they raise and re-raise the third person, with a good hand, out of the pot by making him fold fearing a strong hand with the colluders. Self-collusion is another form of cheating. Here, a single player plays through two or more accounts in the same poker game. He also influences the game in the way the colluders do.

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